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Here we are again, said our final goodbyes, and left 
Same story, but this might be it 
I know you're not what I want anymore 
And I know I'm not what you want
The sparks are gone, no fireworks, nothing, cause it's all burned out 
Back then I used to forgive you, I used to miss you everyday 
But it's not like that anymore 
It's probably the same for you too
You didn't even want to put any effort 
No trying to make me not leave 
No, "Stay, I know we can work this out." 
And I told you, "That's sad 
You don't fight for what you want
So you end up losing it"
And you told me, "I used to do that but not anymore" 
And it's okay... 
Now I know where I stand with you
I keep thinking of the past 
Of how it used to be 
But you're not that person anymore 
I'm not either 
We changed 
Things changed 
And before we know it..
We're becoming strangers 
Because there's this distance between us 
We don't talk like we used to 
We don't do some of the things we used to
It's not the same anymore 
It's really over
And it really hurts 
Just poem about the breakup..
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March 9, 2013
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